Transform Your Business – Discover 9 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Digital Signage 

Much more than an advertising tool, digital signage can be a powerful platform for brand building, connecting with customers, and boosting revenue. 

Businesses everywhere are recognizing the many benefits of digital signage, and they’re increasing their investment in it. In 2022, the Digital Signage Market was valued at $21.9 Billion and by 2030, that number is forecasted to double!

Take a look at all the benefits you can unlock with this type of signage and see if a digital sign makes sense for your business.

The Top 9 Benefits of Digital Signage:

1. Easily Updated Messaging

The most important benefit of digital signage is its flexibility. Digital signs can display text, images, videos, social media posts, news, weather forecasts, and much more. Additionally, this content can be easily changed via remote access. That means your message to prospects and customers can always be timely and relevant whether you’re boosting a new product or service, responding to current events, or promoting a new sale.

2. Attention Grabbing Graphics

Getting customers to pay attention to you amongst the noise of other businesses and ads can be a daunting task. But, research shows that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. This difference is likely due to the human eye being naturally drawn to movement and digital signs often display text and images that move across the screen. The flexible design of digital signs also allows graphics and text to be changed regularly, which keep people interested even if they’ve seen the sign before. 

3. Naturally Memorable

Not only do digital displays capture more views with their eye-catching graphics, they also boast an increased retention rate of 83%. The high recall rate of this kind of signage makes it perfect for promoting products and services. Remember, whether or not your prospects can see your sign is certainly important—but whether or not they can remember your sign could be the difference between them choosing you over a competitor. 

4. Increased Brand Trust 

Any signage will increase people’s trust in your brand, but a high quality digital sign signals to customers that your business is willing to invest in itself, which in turn makes them more likely to “invest” in you by purchasing your products. Additionally, the flexibility of digital signage allows business owners to easily incorporate their brand’s exact colors, fonts, and logos into the sign with just a few clicks. This helps reinforce your brand and contributes to an overall sense of brand trust.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that indoor digital signage can actually improve your customer’s experience? Digital signs in waiting rooms and lobbies can increase customer satisfaction, and the reason is pretty simple: occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time. Not only that, but indoor digital signage can also influence customers at the point of purchase, making upselling products a breeze. 

6. Accelerated Internal Communication

Your digital signage can also function to keep your staff abreast of any changes, notices, or special announcements (including special employee achievements, awards or birthdays). This is especially important if you have a franchise with multiple locations, as it will help keep all employees informed and on the same page. 

7. Cost Effective

While you still need the initial capital to invest in this type of signage, it’s an investment that pays for itself quickly. Not only does digital signage increase revenue (more on that below), but it also boasts extremely low maintenance costs with easy updates and fixes. Additionally, if you ever change your brand’s design, colors, logos, or even your company name, you won’t have to worry about getting a new sign to reflect those changes. 

8. More Eco-Friendly than Traditional Signage

The flexible messaging capabilities of digital signs eliminates the need to print flyers, brochures, newsletters, signs, and other informational materials. This reduces paper waste, operating costs, and your business’s overall carbon footprint. Plus, no manpower is needed to change out the sign’s messaging, which results in improved productivity and savings. All of this adds and makes digital signage the more environmentally-friendly signage option. 

9. Effortless Revenue Booster

When it comes to boosting revenue with signage, it’s all about strategy: digital signage that displays targeted messages and offers at high-traffic sites throughout the store or along a busy road can actually encourage customers to make impulse purchases. Digital signage is also known to influence customers’ purchase decisions at the point of sale (POS), where 82% of buying decisions are made, making these type of signs a great return on investment.

Want To See What Digital Signage Can Do For Your Business?  

If you want to experience the benefits of digital signage for yourself, let us help you give you a hand. Here at Impression Signs and Graphics we can help you decide on the perfect type of signage for your business as well as manage all the design, fabrication, and installation of your digital signs. Give us a call at 651-328-6600 or email us to get started. 


What Types of ADA Compliant Signs Do You Need? 

Are you a business owner overseeing the construction of your very first brick-and-mortar location? Or maybe you’re a builder or architect who’s working on a new project or renovation. Either way, you’ve probably already heard about ADA signs, and that your project(s) can’t be complete without them. 

Failing to implement the required specifications set by the ADA could unintentionally inhibit access for people with disabilities, making it harder for them to find their way or access services. Non-compliance can also result in fines and legal action. 

At Impression Signs and Graphics, we’re experienced in designing and fabricating ADA compliant signage so our clients can continue construction, worry-free. In this blog, we’ll give you the scoop on all the ADA compliant signage types, rules, and requirements you’ll need to know.

What is ADA Signage?

ADA Engraved Signage - Target Field
ADA Engraved Signage – Target Field

First, let’s clarify what ADA is, and why it’s important. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. It outlines very specific instructions on how to accomplish accessibility and inclusivity in the public sector.

ADA compliant signage refers to signs that meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. In order to be considered ADA compliant, signs must be designed a specific way, posted at certain heights, and in specific locations. 

Whether it’s an apartment, school, hospital, or office building, certain signage within these buildings must fulfill specific requirements in order to ensure equal environmental access for everyone.

ADA Signage - Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center
ADA Signage – Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center

Why is it Important To Comply With ADA Standards?

ADA Engraved Signage & Wayfinding Signage - Helix Apartments
ADA Engraved Signage & Wayfinding Signage – Helix Apartments

As we briefly mentioned, non-compliance can result in some negative consequences that can have long-term implications for the success of your business.

  • First, if your building does not have ADA compliant signage, legal action may be taken against you or your business. If you are taken to court, you may also be required to pay the attorney’s fees and court costs for the plaintiffs.
  • You may incur fines and penalties that cost anywhere from $55,000 to $150,000. These numbers will differ depending on each case and violation.
  • Finally, without ADA compliant signage, you are essentially excluding a significant portion of the population from having equal access to your building. This can be considered a kind of discrimination and is prohibited by the ADA. It can also reflect poorly on your business.

The consequences of failing to comply with the ADA sign standards can have lasting impacts on your business. Make sure you’re partnered with a trusted signage provider so you don’t find yourself in one of these difficult situations.

Where Are ADA Signs Required?

ADA Engraved Bathroom Sign
ADA Engraved Bathroom Sign

Let’s take a look at the most common areas ADA signs need to be placed. There are about a dozen major ADA-outlined signage locations, including: 

ADA Engraved Signage - Helix Apartments
ADA Engraved Signage – Helix Apartments
  • Restrooms
  • Exit and entryways
  • Stairwells and ramps
  • Loading docks/zones
  • Elevators and lifts
  • Parking and passenger loading areas
  • Alarms
  • Specialty instruments, controls, and operational machinery 
  • Telephones
  • ATMs
  • Seating areas
  • Dressing and fitting rooms

While this list encompasses the majority of locations, signage location requirements vary by industry (for example, hospital ADA signage will have more location requirements than restaurant ADA signage). You can find the complete list of location requirements here on the U.S. Access Board’s website.

5 Major Types of ADA Signs 

ADA Identification Signage - Helix Apartments
ADA Identification Signage – Helix Apartments

There are five major types of ADA signage that you’ll need in your building. We’ve listed examples of each below. 

1.) Identification

Identification signs are signs that label a specific area, room, or zone. These signs denote permanent spaces. For example, restroom signs, floor numbers and letters, conference rooms, wheelchair ramps, etc. 

Engraved ADA Signage - United Theological Seminary Suite Signage
Engraved ADA Signage – United Theological Seminary Suite Signage

2.) Informational 

Informational signs will expand on the details of a space, including instructions, hours of operation, rules of conduct, authorization, etc.

Informational ADA Signage - Helix Apartments
Informational ADA Signage – Helix Apartments

3.) Directional/Wayfinding

Directional or wayfinding signage provides directions to a particular room, area, or zone. These signs often include pictures or icons such as arrows to indicate directions. Examples include signs indicating the direction of restrooms and emergency exits.

Wayfinding Signage - United Theological Seminary
Wayfinding Signage – United Theological Seminary

4.) Overhead 

Overhead signs are mounted on overhead support; they may protrude from the walls or hang from the ceiling. Examples include traditional exit signs and elevator signs.

Overhead ADA Signage - Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center
Overhead ADA Signage – Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center

5.) Safety

Safety signs can help to identify exits, stairwells, as well as potential hazards. It’s very important that everyone in your building will be able to easily see and access these signs. Examples include “In Case of Fire…” signs and “Hazard” or other cautionary signage. 

Safety ADA Signage - Helix Apartments
Safety ADA Signage – Helix Apartments

General ADA Sign Requirements

Engraved ADA Signage - United Theological Seminary Suite 
Engraved ADA Signage – United Theological Seminary Suite 

The ADA’s complete list of sign regulations can be quite technical and confusing—that’s why it’s important to partner with a trusted signage provider who knows how to design ADA compliant signs that will meet all the necessary requirements. 

Here is a basic overview of the 5 categories of ADA sign requirements that need to be considered when designing ADA compliant signage. 

1.) Size 

While the ADA doesn’t offer set sign dimensions, it does provide sizing guidelines. A sign’s width is determined by the number of characters and spaces between characters per line on the sign. Its height depends on the sign’s total number of lines and the size of the characters on each line (including the Braille). 

2.) Placement

ADA compliant signs can be installed in three ways: wall-mounted, wall-protruding and overhead. Wall-mounted identification signs must be placed between 40 to 60 inches off the ground. Signs protruding from walls must be a minimum of 27 inches off the floor and stick out a maximum of four inches.The bottom of an overhead sign must hang at least 80 inches from the floor and be securely anchored.

3.) Text 

Individual characters are typically 5/8 of an inch to 2 inches in size, printed in all uppercase lettering.The ADA also requires all permanent identification signs to contain both visual and tactile elements (usually Braille lettering). 

4.) Colors 

The ADA offers the intuitive design benchmark that sign text and sign background colors should have at least a 70% color contrast ratio. That means light background colors require dark text, and vice-versa. At Impression Signs we use a contrast checker to make sure it meets requirements.  

5.) Graphics

Certain signs require the use of a pictogram, a simple universally-recognized image that denotes the meaning of a sign. The pictogram most often required is the ISA (International Symbol for Accessibility). Other examples include the “no smoking” and the “stairs” pictograms. 

Does Your Building Need ADA Compliant Signage?


ADA and Wayfinding Signage - Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center
ADA and Wayfinding Signage – Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center

Whether you’re a business owner, builder, or architect, if you need ADA compliant signs for your building, you can trust our expert team at  Impression Signs and Graphics. We can assist with design, fabrication, and installation of ADA compliant signage. We can also manufacture signage to any architect’s specification. Give us a call today at 651-328-6600, or email us to get started. We look forward to being your partner in ADA compliant signage!  

Want to Boost Your Bottom Line? Upgrade Your Interior Signs

No one likes a blank wall—especially customers who are looking for brand confirmation when they walk into your store or lobby. If a company building lacks an appropriate sign system, visitors will easily assume that the business itself is disorganized. 

That’s where having high quality interior signs can help. 

Not only do indoor signs aid in brand recognition, but they also make your space look elevated and intentional, which leads to customer trust. 

The more a customer trusts you, the more likely they are to make a purchase. So, if you have money to utilize from your budget this year, upgrading your interior signage is a great investment. 

Benefits of Interior Signs

Agiliti – Cut vinyl lettering on wall

The benefits of having quality indoor signs throughout your lobby, store, or headquarters go beyond aesthetics. Interior signs: 

  • Help make a strong first impression. Customers will see indoor signage as a signal that your brand is valued and well-established. 
  • Tell the story of your business. Think beyond one to two-word signs—you can leverage descriptive signage to communicate the history and culture of your brand. 
  • Build culture and community. When you show that you value your space by investing in a pleasing aesthetic, your employees and leadership team will feel valued as well.  
  • Communicate professionalism. Tasteful signage looks professional, and a professional atmosphere will carry over to how your employees feel and interact with customers. 
  • Encourage trust through strong quality branding. Strong branding and signage that matches throughout your business will encourage customers to trust your company. 
  • Facilitate indoor advertising. Indoor signage can be used to advertise in-store products or services that customers didn’t know they needed. 

Now that we’ve gone over the perks of great indoor signage, let’s look at how you can use each signage option to your benefit, along with some examples of how our partners have used them in past projects. 

Wall Graphics & Murals

Make a big impression on customers (and corporate higher-ups) with custom wall graphics. Available as removable wallpaper or adhesive vinyl, wall graphics are perfect for transforming any lackluster lobby or office space into a dynamic, inspiring professional work environment. 

This type of interior signage is about as versatile as you can get. From decorative accents, to custom logos, to murals that cover entire walls, wall graphics allow corporations and franchise owners to express their brand’s creativity at an affordable price. 

At Impression Signs, our murals are printed and applied like wallpaper. They require less labor than a painted mural and take less time, as most installations are completed within days or even hours. 

Big or small, the versatility of our wall graphics make them perfect for indoor advertising, brand recognition, and (because some are easily removable) seasonal decor. If you find yourself with extra breathing room in your budget before the end of the year, consider spicing up your space with your own custom wall graphics or mural.

Decorative & Etched Window (Film) Vinyl

Window vinyl is often used to separate personal offices from community spaces in corporate buildings. This vinyl is perfect for adding a layer of privacy to any office space or conference room. While many business owners opt for the look of simple frosted glass, window (film) vinyl can also be customized with your name, the company’s name, or any creative design to add extra flair.

Goldfish Swim School – Frosted Vinyl

If your headquarters has conference rooms with glass walls, consider using decorative window (film) vinyl to add a subtle layer of separation between spaces. See the photo below from one of our past projects where decorative window vinyl helped provide partial privacy for a conference room, while also adding some modern design elements.

Agiliti – Frosted vinyl on windows

Window vinyl is a quick, cost-effective way to dress up any office space. The privacy and sophistication vinyl offers is often appreciated by customers, franchisors, and CEOs alike.

Other Office Decor 

If your lobby is in need of new interior signs, there’s no need to stop at wall graphics and window (film) vinyl. There’s a whole world of signage options that can help boost your company’s image and bottom line, including:

Dimensional Signage

Elevate your brand with dimensional signage. Characterized by 3D elements, these signs are great for adding depth and providing a more premium look. Dimensional signage can function as both brand affirmation and an art piece. Feel free to discuss additional art elements with us or let our expert designers dress up your brand’s dimensional signage.

Agiliti – Dimensional Signage

Vinyl Lettering

Make a bold statement with easily-applied vinyl lettering. This simple signage is perfect for meaningful quotes, company mantras, or any other stand-alone verbiage you’d want to see on your walls. Installation is quick, and the vinyl material is easily removable if you eventually want a change in scenery. Vinyl Lettering | Impression Signs & Graphics

Agiliti – Cut vinyl lettering on wall

Illuminated Channel Letters 

Alula – Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated signage adds to the ambiance of your space while also signaling to customers that your brand is invested in the comfort and aesthetic appeal of its offices, lobbies, or headquarters. While this signage is more of an investment than vinyl lettering, illuminated channel letters are highly customizable and quite durable. They can either be lit from within, or “reverse-lit,” which gives the signage a glow from behind and the illusion that the sign is floating.

Wayfinding Signage

Gerten’s Wayfinding Signage

Show customers where they need to go with wayfinding signage. This type of signage doesn’t have to be boring either, everything you put up can be custom made. Whether you’re adding signage or murals to your lobby, hallways, or bathroom doors, don’t be afraid to put your own branded-spin on things.

Looking To Upgrade Your Interior Signs? 

If you want your company or franchise to experience all the wonderful benefits of quality interior signs, give Impression Signs and Graphics a call at 651-328-6600 or email us to get started. Our experienced staff can help talk you through your signage options, design ideas, and pricing. We look forward to helping your company or franchise make a great impression.

7 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Trade Show Display Signage All Year Long

It’s no secret that trade show displays can be expensive, especially for an event that sometimes only lasts a few days.While it’s certainly a worthwhile investment, you might be asking yourself if there’s any way you can boost your ROI by getting more out of your trade show signage and displays.

Instead of boxing up your tradeshow stuff and letting it gather dust until next time, consider trying these seven creative ways to reuse and repurpose it throughout the year.

1.) Make a Memorable Impression at a Career Fair

At a job fair, there are bound to be dozens of other companies vying for the attention of top talent. Why not use your trade show signage to stand out from the crowd?

Repurpose your branded table covers, banners,and flags to encourage brand recognition. Does your trade show display have interesting, modular elements to it? How about a table-top display? Bring these eye-catching elements along to the job fair to add interest to your booth and increase your chances of finding the perfect job candidates. 

2.) Promote More in Store 

Does your business have a brick and mortar storefront? If so, the storefront window may be the perfect place to repurpose the fabric or retractable banners from your trade show. Within the store itself, you can easily reuse your branded floor decor and countertop mats at the registers. 

3.) Jazz Up Your Lobby or Headquarters

Give your floor displays a second life in the lobby of your company headquarters. Their impressive size makes them perfect for adding a wow-factor to your lobby. And, when customers walk in and see your tastefully-placed floor display, they’ll be instantly reminded of your company logo, branding, and lovely aesthetic. 

You can also jazz things up at the reception desk by repurposing your fabric or polyester banner displays where they can function as directional signage, showing customers where to go for more information. 

4.) Show Off Your Business at a Wedding

Planning on being a local vendor at a wedding? While you don’t want to over-do it with branded signage (after all, this is a wedding, not a company event), it is another great opportunity for you to repurpose any tasteful decorations you may have used at your trade show. As far as signage goes, branded table cloths and a couple of a-frames to show people what’s on offer should do the trick.

5.) Make a Statement at a Conferences or Seminar

Both large-scale conferences and smaller seminars are great opportunities to reuse your trade show display and signage. Conferences are engaging and educational networking opportunities, and if you find yourself as a vendor at one, consider bringing your table covers, banners and flags, table top displays, stands, or furniture. You want to make sure your booth makes a statement that attracts the attention of potential clients or business partners. 

Seminars, while much smaller than conferences, are also educational and ideal for networking. If you find yourself hosting a seminar, consider repurposing trade show signage such as floor mats and a-frames. These smaller items will serve as extra brand recognition and directional signage. 

6.) Add More Flair to Product Launch Events (Outside of Trade Shows)

Exciting and buzzing with energy, product launches are excellent opportunites to reuse your trade show display—especially the more interesting, flashy elements. While you will of course want to get some use out of your larger-than-life floor display, you can also repurpose any lighting, tabletop displays, or other decorations to add interest to the event. 

7.) Be Seen Outdoors at Local Events & By the Media

Are you planning on hosting a special outdoor event? Maybe you’re sponsoring a fundraiser this fall or spring. In any case, branded tents, stands, and furniture from a previous trade show can help provide shade and comfort at any outdoor event.

It’s especially important that your brand is clearly represented if any media will be present at this type of event—you’ll of course want to make sure your company is recognizable if you appear on the local news! You can also consider reusing vinyl banners and any other signage that’s appropriate for outdoor use. And, if you’re hosting a food truck at your outdoor event, a-frames can also be easily repurposed to display menus. 

Need More Durable Trade Show Signage For The Best ROI? Impression Signs Has You Covered 

If you need quality signage for your next event or trade show, Impression Signs and Graphics has an array of options that will make your booth stand out from the crowd. The best part? Our products are high quality, so you can use and reuse your trade show display and signage all year long.

Give us a call at 651-328-6600 or email us to find out how we can help outfit your trade show booth next year.

Client Feature: Bonfe’s Company Fleet/Vehicle Wraps

If you live in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area, chances are you’ve heard of Bonfe and you might’ve even seen their fleet of freshly-wrapped company vehicles driving around. And, lucky for us, we’ve been the ones printing and wrapping them.

Bonfe is a wonderful local and family-owned business specializing in residential plumbing, heating, cooling, drain cleaning, electrical, and indoor air quality services. With such an array of services offered, Bonfe’s customers often don’t need to waste time looking for multiple contractors which makes their customer’s lives a little easier.

Bonfe not only has a big impact on their customer’s lives but on the local community as well, so it was important that their fleet of vehicles were not just instantly recognizable but branded with quality products to keep them looking professional and trustworthy.

Luckily at Impression Signs and Graphics we not only specialize in custom branding and signage, we also have a long history of successful design and application of vinyl vehicle lettering and graphics for fleets so we knew we’d be the perfect sign shop for the job. We also were lucky enough to have grown to a point where we were able to acquire a smaller company who already had a relationship with them. 

Since Bonfe is a locally recognizable brand we already had a great starting point with their logo and some previous artwork but there was still work to be done. We worked tirelessly to not just match but improve their brand colors for a better quality print and overall more vibrant wrap for every vehicle. And, we’ve already refreshed their look across 20 trucks and vans and counting. And, while they’re thrilled about their new wraps, we’re ecstatic we get to build a wonderful relationship with such a locally loved business.

Interested in vinyl vehicle lettering and graphics for your fleet of company vehicles? Reach out to us for a quote today! 

How to Choose Trusted Vendors For Your Franchise [And Why It Matters]

Are you a small business owner dreaming of turning your business into a franchise, or an entrepreneur looking to jump into franchise ownership? Or, perhaps an established franchisor who feels that success is just around the corner, but isn’t sure how to get there?

No matter the case, if it’s success you’re looking for, we at Impression Signs and Graphics want to give you the inside scoop on a key part of any Minnesota business’s success: choosing trusted vendors.

The vendors you choose to take with you on your franchise journey have the capacity to either make or break your franchise. Hiring an unstable, untrustworthy vendor will likely cause your business to suffer a loss of time, revenue, and even reputation with your customers. Hiring reliable vendors, however, can have a huge impact on your success. 

Below, we’ll break down the key benefits of partnering with trusted vendors and how you should vet them. 

But first, let’s define the types of suppliers available to you. Vendors usually fall into one of two categories: specialized professional service vendors and products and services vendors.

Types of Vendors

  1. Specialized professional services vendors offer special custom services designed for franchisors. These vendors include marketers, lawyers, packagers, and accounting or financial institutions. 
  1. Products and services vendors provide (you guessed it) products and services that are modified for franchise use or specifically formulated for franchise use. Examples of these vendors include suppliers of uniforms, internet services, paper goods, inventory, office supplies, and signage.

Now that you understand the kinds of vendors you’ll need, let’s get into how to choose vendors you can trust.

Questions to Ask Before You Partner With Vendors

Impression Signs outfitted Goldfish Swim School for their latest franchise signage.

Trusted vendors will communicate openly and promptly, maintain a positive professional attitude, and have a vested interest in supplying for your franchise. To make sure your vendors tick all those boxes, there are some questions you should ask yourself when vetting potential suppliers. 

  1. Does the vendor have experience supplying other small business owners with products or services similar to your own? A supplier with years of experience will translate to smoother processes and added value to your business. 
  1. What is the vendor’s reputation and who are their references? Is the vendor still working with any long-term clients? If so, are those franchisors happy with the vendor’s products/services? Reach out to the vendor’s past clients and have a conversation to get an idea of the vendor’s workflow and professionalism.
  1. Does the vendor have the resources available to satisfy your current business needs and to expand with you as you work toward franchise growth? You’re going to want to investigate if the vendor has the equipment and personnel necessary to deliver the products and services you need in a consistent and timely manner. 
  1. Do they have the proper training and licenses to carry out the tasks you need them to? Regardless of their good reputation, if they don’t have the proper licenses, you won’t be able to rely on their services. You may also be held liable if something goes wrong. 
  1. Is the vendor willing to conduct field tests or site surveys to determine whether they can successfully satisfy your franchise’s needs and expectations? Be cautious about doing business with any supplier who flinches from reasonable quality assurance requirements.

Impression Signs outfitted Pizza Karma with their signage needs when they decided to franchise.  

3 Ways Trusted Vendors Help You Succeed

1.) Better Vendors = More Revenue 

No matter what vendor you choose, understand there can be hiccups in the production processes. But, the more effective your vendors are, the fewer problems you will encounter during your partnership. Fewer problems in the production and delivery of your products and services translates to: 

  • Less stress and frustration 
  • Less time wasted
  • More money in your pocket. 

With reliable, consistent, and communicative vendors, you can focus on the big-picture parts of your business strategy, such as franchise growth and profits. 

2.) Consistency / Brand Image

Finding a vendor you trust and want to partner with is ideal. Long-term relationships with vendors are not only beneficial for your peace of mind as a franchisor, they’re also great for your brand image. 

To stand out in the sea of Minnesota businesses in the Twin Cities area, your franchise should be immediately recognizable. Things like uniforms, retail items, and signage should be consistent throughout the franchise system to let customers know who you are.

One of the best ways to establish brand consistency is to create successful signage for your franchise. By creating brand standards and corporate identity packages and guides (colors, graphics, logos, etc.), you can easily build the foundation for signage across stores that will make it easy for customers to identify you.

Make sure you choose an experienced print partner who can streamline the process for both you and your franchisees. 

See how Impression Signs and Graphics helped streamline the process for local franchise Pizza Karma

3.) Reputation with Customers

If your suppliers are unreliable or inconsistent, your businesses will develop a similar reputation. Without consistency across stores, your customers will be confused, disappointed, and ultimately lose trust in your business. It’s important to remain consistent to show your customers you can provide them with the reliable products and services they want. 

With reliable vendors, your customers will come to trust your brand and feel that they can depend on your products and services. This will help boost your reputation and also help you increase revenue, as you’ll retain repeat customers and attract new ones. 

Does your Franchise need signage from a reliable, trusted vendor?

Impression Signs and Graphics has partnered with numerous Minnesota businesses and local franchise owners to provide them with quality signage in all formats, both large and small. Whether you’re a brand new franchisor just starting out on your journey, or already an established franchise, Impression Signs and Graphics can help you establish a premium brand image across locations. 

Contact us today to get started.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Monument Sign

If you’re a business looking to make a bold statement, you might be considering investing in a monument sign. Solid, sturdy, and regal, monument signs give the impression of permanence and trustworthiness.

But, as with all advertising and business investments, there are some things to consider before taking the leap. For example, will the signage fit your business’s needs? What “look” are you going for? And, does a monument sign even work with your current budget?

The information and questions below should help guide you in figuring out if investing in a monument sign right now is right for your business.

1.) What are my current business’s needs? 

Each type of sign has its own function and marketing potential. For example, some signs serve to disseminate specific information to customers, some help raise general awareness of your brand, and some can do both of those at the same time.

Because a monument sign is a big (and worthwhile) investment, it’s important that you understand the function of the sign and ask yourself if it will meet your current business’s needs. That will also help you figure out key metrics you can use to track the return on your investment. 

Monument signs are free-standing signs that are attached to a structural base or frame. They usually display a business’s name and address in a way that’s clearly visible to passersby. Some of the benefits of a monument sign include: 

  • High visibility
  • 24/7 advertising
  • Curb appeal
  • Encouraged foot traffic 
  • Flexible design 
  • Durability 

Monument signs are perfect for expanding your local customer base, showing people where you’re located, and raising awareness of not only your brand but general information.

2.) What are my design ideas?

Planning the design of your monument sign should take some thought, especially if you want all the bells and whistles. (And the bells and whistles are exactly what make this type of signage stand out from the crowd.)

Each monument sign should be unique to its business. To match your current brand image, you’ll want to take full advantage of a monument sign’s customizable features, including: 

Materials: The base of your monument sign can be built out of brick and mortar, stone, stucco, foam, metal, or a combination of these. It can also be painted to match the color of your choice.

Lettering: Make your signage pop with dimensional lettering, an elegant engraving, or a classic print.

Lighting: If you prefer illuminated advertising that’s visible day and night, your monument sign can be lit internally or externally with LED or fluorescent lights. 

Size and shape: How big your monument sign should be depends on how much visibility you need. And as for shape, monument signs don’t have to be rectangular. How about an ornamental arch? Maybe an elevated oval? With monument signs, you can feel free to think outside the box–literally.

3.) What’s my ideal location?

More than any other type of signage, the monument sign’s success depends on its location. If your business is isolated in a business center or just off the beaten path, the placement of your monument sign is crucial and can make the difference between a profit or a loss.

While there is no magic formula for perfect sign placement, here is a helpful checklist of questions to review while considering locations:

  • Is it close enough to my brick and mortar business location?
  • Is it clearly visible from the nearest main road?
  • Are there trees, shrubbery, signage, or other obstacles that could block my sign’s visibility?  
  • Is it a safe enough location for my sign to be protected from vandalism? 

For some, the perfect location will be next to the sidewalk; for others, it will be at the entrance of a parking lot. If you’re having trouble deciding where to put your monument sign, our experts at Impression Signs and Graphics can help provide experienced, thoughtful, and helpful insight to help you find an answer.

4.) How can I track the success of the sign?

To measure your ROI, you’ll need to track a few key metrics. 

One easy way to measure your monument sign’s effectiveness is by keeping track of foot-traffic. Count how many customers your business sees a day pre-monument sign, then do the same after the sign is installed. 

You’ll also want to measure the difference in revenue you’re bringing in, in-store. Each month, keep track of any increases in revenue and measure it against the cost of the sign. A successful sign will pay for itself. 

It’s also a good idea to ask customers to take a survey after each purchase. With a few key questions, surveys can help you measure how many of your customers are living within a 5-10 mile radius from your business, which will help tell you whether or not your monument sign is attracting locals. 

As a final question in your survey, you may also want to ask customers how they heard about your business. You might be surprised at how many say they decided to stop by because they saw your sign.

5.) What is my budget?

A monument sign is an effective advertising investment that will last for years to come. So, it’s no surprise that monument signs can be one of the more costly signage options. But, if your budget allows for it, it’s certainly worth every penny. 

Of course there is a base price you can expect when shopping for monument signs, but features such as lighting and lettering can add up quickly. Luckily, our signage experts at Impression Signs and Graphics are here to help. We can work with you to determine which features will assist your business best so you can get a beautiful and meaningful sign that’s not only perfect but stays within budget.

Ready to Make a Monumental Statement?

If you’re ready to invest in a monument sign Impression Signs and Graphics can help you further discuss your signage goals and give you a quote on your ideal design. Contact us here or call us at 651.328.6600 to get started.

3 Ways To Use Outdoor Signage as An Effective Marketing Tool 

Summer is officially here, so let the outdoor events begin! From networking opportunities, to local fairs, to charity events, you’ll need outdoor signage to let the world know you’re open for business. 

More than just displaying your company name, signage can also function as part of your marketing strategy. Below are three ways outdoor signage can be leveraged as an excellent marketing tool.

1.) Help Customers Find You with Directional Outdoor Signage

Even if you have the best product on the planet, it won’t mean anything if your customers can’t find you. There are many ways you can use outdoor signage to help guide potential customers to your doorstep (or booth). 

directional signage

A well-placed banner or flag can help provide high visibility in a crowd of competitors. From versatile fabric to weather-resistant vinyl, this type of outdoor signage is crucial for summer events. 

Display stands, including sidewalk signs and sign stakes, can also direct foot-traffic your way. The a-frame sandwich board is a good example. Often seen in front of restaurants or pubs, a-frame signs are portable and great at attracting the attention of pedestrians. 

Promoting your business closer to a lawn than a sidewalk? Consider branding your space with a temporary coroplast sign and stake, or a semi-permanent site sign to help people find your business or event. Both of these free-standing sign options are also UV resistant, making them the perfect summer marketing tool.  

2.) Multi-Task with Functional Outdoor Signage

Some outdoor signage options have practical uses as well as marketing potential. 

If you want your booth to provide some shade to attendees during an outdoor event, choose a pop up tent that doubles as a sign. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these tents can sport your business’ name and logo and keep your booth 10 degrees cooler. 

Branded floor decor, marketing mats or floor hugger mats can also provide relief from hot asphalt or uneven grass or ground. Since many people tend to watch their feet when they walk, this is an excellent opportunity to point them in the right direction.

3.) Leverage Outdoor Signage as a Brand Builder

No matter what kind of signs you display, consistency is key to building your image. Remember to stay on brand, each sign should maintain a similar look and feel. The more times a customer sees your business name, logo, and colors, the better the chance they’ll remember your company

If your business is often on the road, adding vinyl lettering to your company vehicles or trailers can also help raise awareness of your brand. With vehicles sporting your company name, your brand will always be reaching new audiences, wherever it goes.

Building a strong brand image comes down to the trust a community has in your business. Well crafted signage can help encourage that trust. Whether your signage is flexible and temporary, or built into the face of your business, make sure you’re marketing your brand image efficiently with high-quality outdoor signage.

Ready To Make an Impression?

Let Impression Signs and Graphics get you summer-ready with exceptional outdoor signage options. If you’re still unsure about which type of sign is right for your business contact us today at (651) 328-6600 or shoot us an email. We’re always excited to help businesses we work with stand out in new and innovative ways.

9 Creative Ways To Bring Your Trade Show Booth To the Next Level 

Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way for businesses to connect with new customers and gain exposure. According to Exhibit Surveys, Inc., 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect or potential customer.

However, many businesses fall short in attracting these potential customers because their trade show booth design is…well, boring. With such fierce competition from rival companies, your tradeshow space shouldn’t be a last-minute thought.

Capitalize on the abundant opportunities that trade shows have to offer by designing a booth that’s irresistible. Get inspired with nine of our favorite ideas that can help capture the attention of attendees and make sure you’re remembered.

1. Take Advantage of Bright Colors and Open Space 

Africa is Now stand at Design Indaba Expo. Image: Henk Hatting

Brush up on some basic design principles and choose three colors for your trade show booth. Dedicate 60% of your booth to a primary color, 30% to a secondary color, and 10% to an accent color. And make sure you give your exhibit area room to breathe. Open space helps reduce the appearance of clutter and directs attention to what’s important. Roughly 40% of your booth should be open space. 

2. Create a Memorable Experience with LED Seating

LED seating from Glowmi

The average trade show attendee spends 8.3 hours walking and viewing trade show exhibits. Invite attendees to chill in your booth with unique and memorable seating. As they relax, they will also absorb more of your products and brand messaging. Bonus points if you include phone-charging stations.

3. Go Above and Beyond With Ceiling Decor 

Image source: BizBash, Diffa Dining by Design in Chicago in 2013

Want to get attendees to your trade show booth? Bring them to your booth with a stunning visual display overhead. Pack your ceiling with flowers, line it with bold umbrellas, or hang whimsical objects or cutouts specific to your brand. Whatever you choose to do, a creative ceiling will help add intrigue and dimension to your booth by drawing eyes upward and attracting visitors to the very center of your space. 

4. Display a Repeating Product Wall or Banner

Image Source: Coastal Creative, Repeating Product Wall from S’well

Drive your brand home and get more awareness with brand and logo repetition. This patterned visual display is not just eye-catching and powerful, it helps turn your brand into art and provides an excellent opportunity for photos.

5. Make It Modular 

Modular Exhibits & Retail Displays from EverBlock

Want your trade show display to exude whimsy? Build your booth out of modular elements, like blocks. A nod to childhood play, this is a design that will delight attendees while also providing flexibility, should you want to change things around. If you choose this type of design for your next convention, make sure it makes sense for your company—all design elements should always make sense with your brand.

6. Offer a Zen Oasis to Attendees

The Zen Den was a big hit at the Expo West 2018, a booth with a recorded guided meditation for people to listen to when they went into the booth and put on the headphones.

After hours of admiring exhibitions and visiting booths, most people appreciate a break from the noise and chaos. Offer an oasis in the form of a disconnected, noise-canceling space to relax for a few minutes. Want to go the extra mile? Offer a short guided meditation or relaxing spa music for attendees to zen-out to. 

7. Make your Whole Booth a Photo Opportunity

MN Parks interactive photo booth signage trade show MN State Fair

Have your brand’s message shared and engaged with by providing bold imagery, backdrops or fun cut-outs to take photos with. Bonus points if you add an interesting question, hashtag to interact with, or promotional giveaway where you can drive organic social media traffic.

8. Bring your Booth to Life with a Living Wall 

These living wall ideas from TrueVert Vertical Garden Solutions will bring life to your booth

Also known as a “green wall” or “vertical garden”, a living wall is a vertical structure bursting with live greenery. Consider this design if you’re looking to add interest to your display or to turn attention to the sustainability practices of your company. Looking to optimize your living wall for social media shares? Consider incorporating custom event signage for attendees to pose under. Bonus: On the last day of the convention, you can give the plants to attendees.

9. Gamify Your Booth with a VR Experience 

Incorporating VR into your exhibit is a great way to attract attendees to your trade show booth. With a video wall on one side, guests can watch in real-time while people interact with a VR headset. Other digital entertainment could include a mobile scavenger hunt. These types of activities encourage attendees to have a little fun, escape the monotony of trade shows and gives them the opportunity to interact with your company’s products in a fun, unique and exciting way. 

Continue to boost trade show ROI with these additional great ideas:

  • Send out emails in advance. Lay the foundation and give attendees a sneak peek at what they’ll experience at your booth. Tell them where you’ll be and what’ll be on display. 
  • Feature a video about your brand and products. Exhibitors do a lot of talking about their brand’s story. Why not let a looped video do most of the talking for you?
  • Elevate your promo items and prizes. Ditch plastic throwaway items. Offer quality items such as, custom-designed T-shirts, eco-friendly tote bags, or pens that attendees won’t want to put down, instead. 
  • Research the competition. Sometimes the best way to stand out is to know what you’re up against. Do a little recon to find out what your rivals are doing—so you can do it better.

Need Some Signage To Make a Statement? Impression Signs and Graphics Has You Covered.

Get a return on investment at your upcoming event or expo with signage from Impressions Signs and Graphics.

No matter what design you decide on, you’re going to need your event signage to match. Impression Signs and Graphics offers a variety of trade show signage options, including: 

… and more! Whatever your event signage needs are, our products will win your exhibit the attention it deserves at your next trade show. Give us a call at 651.328.6600 or email us to discuss options today!

When It Comes to Illuminated Signage, You’ve Got Options

What is Illuminated Signage? 

Illuminated signage refers to any sign that includes lighting, either internal or external. From monument signs to custom channel letters, adding light to your business’ sign will boost your visibility and increase foot traffic. 

Under the umbrella of “illuminated signage”, there are a variety of options to choose from. For example: the type of sign, the dimensions of lettering, the type/placement of lighting, etc.

Each of these choices will have an effect on a customer’s impression of your business. That’s why choosing signage should be a thoughtful and deliberate process. 

Illuminated Signage = Better Business 

According to a study done by FedEx, 8 to 10 consumers enter a store they’ve never visited before based only on its signage

Now, add illumination and you’ve got an even more cost-efficient advertisement for your business. As soon as it’s installed, an illuminated sign will catch the eyes of potential customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Illuminated signage can also remind your current customers of your products and services, establish your business’ identity, and help you recruit new staff.

With so many illuminated signage options, it’s important you pick the best sign for your business needs. So, what style of signage is right for you? To make the decision process a little easier, we’ve broken it down for you below. 

4 Popular Illuminated Signage Styles 

1.) Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

With a channel letter sign, a custom design lets you stand out from the crowd. Whether you have indoor or outdoor signage-needs, with channel letters, your creativity can soar as high as your budget. 


  • Flexible design
  • Durable
  • Lower maintenance
  • Interior and exterior installation 


  • Higher cost 

Channel letter signs consist of three-dimensional, individual letter signs that combine to form a word or phrase. Each channel letter is custom-made from either metal or plastic and can be fabricated to suit various fonts, sizes, or colors.

Halo Lit Signage

High creative power over design is one of the perks of this signage option. But, the customization needed for each letter can make this option pricier than others (especially if your business has a long name). Luckily, channel letter signs are durable enough so that your message will attract customers’ attention for years to come. 

Channel letters are lit with either LED or neon lighting. There are two types of illuminated channel letters: standard and reverse-lit. Standard illuminated channel letters are lit from the inside and glow through the face of each letter. Reverse-lit channel letters emit a halo of light that makes each letter appear to float. 

Both an indoor and outdoor signage option, channel letter signs are versatile. They can either be installed directly onto a building, or on a raceway (a metal box that holds all the letters and electrical components). 

Pro-tip: make sure to double-check with your city ordinance or building owner for installation preferences. 

2.) Illuminated Cabinet Signs 

If your business relies on the recognition of its logo, then an illuminated cabinet sign is an excellent choice. 


  • Large surface area for more graphics and text
  • Durable 
  • Quick fabrication/installation
  • Affordable


  • Less lighting options 

Does your company name consist of a lot of letters? Is your logo intricately designed? While channel letters become pricier with each letter, illuminated cabinet signs provide an ample amount of space for your business name and logo’s graphics. 

Cabinet signs are an enclosed signage option, consisting of a metal frame and an acrylic, polycarbonate, or flexible material face, depending on size. The face displays your company name, logo, and any other information you might want to add, typically in cut vinyl or digitally printed vinyl, and sometimes in paint. 

Illuminated cabinet signs are lit from within by an LED light source. Because the sign is enclosed, the electrical components are protected from the elements. 

While cabinet signs offer limited lighting options compared to other outdoor signage, their simplicity can result in a quicker fabrication process. That translates into a faster turnaround time for you, from order to installation. 

This brings us to another great benefit of the cabinet sign: affordability. Easy fabrication makes this type of outdoor signage a great option if you’re on a budget. 

3.) Illuminated Monument Signs 

Grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians day and night with an illuminated monument sign. If you need to communicate to your customers exactly what and where your business is, this outdoor signage option is for you.


  • Increased curb appeal
  • Flexible design
  • Cost-efficient
  • Durable


  • Regular maintenance 

A monument sign is a detached, freestanding sign, usually installed roadside in front of or near a business’ building. Easy for drivers and pedestrians to see, these signs are excellent at attracting new customers and establishing trust. 

The surface of the sign is usually an LED light box attached to a proportionate solid base or structural frame. The base or frame is made with either brick and mortar, stone, stucco, foam, metal, or a combination of these. 

Either external or internal lighting can illuminate monument signage. External lighting shines onto the face of the sign, while internal lighting comes from within a light box. You also have a choice of either LED or fluorescent lighting. 

If you’re looking for design flexibility that allows you to express your brand identity, look no further than this style of sign. Rustic or modern? Vibrant or muted? Stone or stucco? With an illuminated monument sign, you can choose from a wealth of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to make a statement about your brand. To see design options in more detail, check out our other blog post about the benefits of having monument signage.

To get the most out of your illuminated monument sign, you’ll need to stick to a maintenance schedule. Just as great monument signage will attract customers, a shabby monument sign will scare them off. That’s why regular cleaning, damage inspection, and electrical system checks are all necessary parts of monument sign maintenance

4.) Digital and Electronic Message Centers 

Need to be able to regularly update your message to customers? Digital and electronic message centers will let you do just that.


  • High visibility
  • Flexible messaging
  • Versatile
  • Durable 


  • Higher cost

A digital and electronic message center (EMC) is a sign that features a digital display. The digital display allows you to control your content and messaging remotely or automatically, meaning you can change the content of your signage as often as you want.

With an EMC, you can update passers-by on everything from upcoming spring sales to the current temperature. You can also provide your business phone number, website address, and hours of operation. While usually a popular outdoor signage option, EMCs can also be installed indoors. 

As outdoor signage, EMCs have serious stopping power. According to a report by RichMedia Technologies, 63 percent of people reported that digital signage catches their attention. That’s a higher percentage than most other advertising mediums, including TV, billboards, and even the internet. 

These signs are durably constructed to weather harsh conditions. The display screen is lit with energy-efficient LED bulbs, and can come in either monochrome or full-color options, as well as in varying levels of resolution, depending on the application and need for detail. 

As 85 percent of your customer base works and lives within a five-mile radius, an EMC is typically a great investment. Not only will your brightly-lit display catch the attention of locals, but it will also keep them consuming your content.  Be sure to check with your city for specific ordinances related to EMCs, as they vary considerably from city to city.

Next Steps

Illuminated signs are one of the best ways to promote your business and brand at any time of day. Hopefully, you’ve gleaned some “bright” ideas about how to attract and convert customers and are ready to get started. Have additional questions or want Impression Signs and Graphics to help you bring those ideas to life? Contact us at the link above.