5 Easy Ways to Know if Updating Your Signage Will Help Boost Sales

While there are various ways to increase sales and activity within your business, sometimes one of the easiest ways is by way of something you see everyday, your signage. We’ll help you find out if updating your signage will help make a difference when it comes to sales, with 5 easy questions.

  1. Is it older than 8 years?
    When you look at something too often, it begins to lose its appeal and ultimately its effectiveness.

  2. Does it have signs of natural wear and tear?
    If your signage has sun damage, is missing any pieces, is bent, dented or simply looks overall worn out from the elements your sign can make your business appear less desirable and less appealing.
TNT Signage before (sun faded and kerning/spacing issues) and after. Updated by Impression Signs.

3. Is your sign so old it looks retro even though it’s not?
If your sign is so old it’s cool again you might be tempted to just leave it, but old signs need love and maintenance too. If your sign looks out-of-date, it might be time to breathe new life into it and go for a more modern look or something that best represents your brand–the way you want to be seen and with the kind of aesthetic the customers you want to attract more of, would like.

4. Is it actually the right size?
If your building or space has changed, is your sign still in the right place? Does it feel too big or too small? The most important question to ask is if it’s actually doing what you want it to do or is it limited by size or location? Can those who need to see it actually see it from the distance they’ll be away from it?

Our color, letter and size chart for signs

5. Do you think it currently helps drive the traffic you want to you?
If your sign doesn’t communicate who your business is, or who it is now, then getting a new sign is a no-brainer. As we start to learn new things, find our niche and focus on one message or mission more directly sometimes our business changes. It’s okay to change your look, logo, or sign if your business has changed, that’s a part of growth. It’s also good to do to keep your business looking current, relevant and reputable (plus, it never hurts to freshen things up a bit).

A name, brand and signage update for Total Pet Wellness. New sign by Impression Signs.

What did you answer?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, we recommend investing in new signage. We’ve helped many businesses, both large and small affect change within their company just by updating or adding signage. From wall murals to wayfinding signage to LED channel letters that show off your latest logo, we’re proud to say we’ve helped a lot of people feel inspired by their space, boost morale, build confidence and increase revenue within their business, just from a sign or signage project. And, we’re confident, whether you chose us or someone else to work with, a fresh update to your space, logo or business will not only help boost sales but will help bring a fresh outlook to you, your business and everyone who sees it.

Want to contact us? Find an answer here:

Meet Brooke: Our New Creative Specialist

Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Impression Signs team: Brooke Ewert.

Brooke comes to us from Atomic Props, an out of home and experiential advertising marketing firm. With her can-do attitude she’s taken on many roles at her previous job and now she does the same for us at Impression Signs and Graphics. From production to design, she’s an excellent supportive resource to have on staff and we’re lucky to have her.

Get to know more about Brooke:

3 things about her:

She graduated from Carthage College with a double major in Graphic Design & Communications and a minor in Biology.

She’s good at focusing on the fine details of a project while not losing sight of the big picture.

She can hold her breath for 3 mins and 40 seconds. (Wow!)

What she likes to do outside of work:

Travel, (most of her destinations involve either the beach or the mountains), spend time outside with her two adorable French bulldogs, cook and design custom wedding stationery.

Her favorite thing about signage:

She loves that signage helps create exceptional customer experiences and a great first and lasting impression. She also loves that signage inspires confidence within businesses. “When you present your business professionally, you are going to feel more confident about the products/services your business provides.”

Feel free to check out more about us or Brooke at: http://www.impressionsigns.com
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Helix Apartment Home’s New Wayfinding Signage: Compliant, Modern & Attractive

Impression Signs and Graphics recently had the opportunity to work with and provide Pinnacle Living and Helix Apartment Homes with new grounds signage.

Pinnacle Living is a property management firm that helps manage everything needed to ensure a superior living experience. From excellent customer service to managing construction, subcontractors and rules within each city and state, property management can often be quite the challenge. Ensuring you have a great team in place to fulfill tenants and owner regulations is step one to creating a wonderful place to live. Step two? Finding other teams of contractors that not only listen to your design needs but also your contractual obligations.

Pinnacle Living recently remodeled apartment homes in St. Louis Park and wanted the signage to not only match the personality of the property but also be compliant within the current regulations for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

So what did that mean?

That meant we needed modern signage that felt like it was comfortable yet sophisticated. Signage that not only helped tenants and potential tenants find things but met ADA requirements and met the contemporary aesthetic.

Check and check.

The bigger issue we ran into was that the prior owner of the building or original signage company never pulled a permit for the old signage. While it was a bit of a hiccup when it came to placement of signage in certain areas, it was manageable and we were able to design, fabricate and install all the signage needed for the premise.

The before and after monument sign for Helix Apartments

Helix’s new and updated signage project included:

  • ADA signs for the restroom, floor, garage and elevators
  • A monument sign for the Entrance
  • Post and Panel signs for the leasing, permit parking and handicapped parking signs
  • Interior wayfinding signs for the lobby, lounges, apartments and fitness center
  • Exterior wayfinding signs for parking, leasing office and main entrance
  • Banners for “now renting” information

We think Helix Apartment’s signage turned out beautifully and we’re happy we were able to help our client find the right look and right solution for their property’s personality.

We also think they did a great job with the remodel overall and turning the building and area into a community people are proud to call home. See more photos of the building and amenities below.

Our Top Road Trip Signage Destinations

2020 is officially the year of the road trip, so kick your summer blues, pack up the snacks and buckle up for our list of handpicked roadside signage destinations.

Plan out your classic Americana road trip with all the quirky or classic roadside signage attractions you can handle with a little help from our list below.


Experience a classic cruise with an all-american view of history. Spanning over 8 states and 3 time zones you’re sure to find a few new favorite spots along your cruise.


grayscale-public-market-center-signage-1494032This well-known sign has a place in the heart of many Seattle’s Farmer’s Market lovers. As one of the United State’s oldest farmers’s markets it’s worth a drive to not just see the sign but the market itself.


attraction-building-city-hotel-415999This sign is one of the most iconic state welcoming signs in the United States. Just one mile south of Mandalay Bay, the line for photos with the sign can sometimes last over an hour. The sign has become so popular it has had two replicas made and placed through Las Vegas.


Original Dairy Queen Sign
The only Dairy Queen in the country that still has the original branding with the Eskimo girl on it. DQ is a must have on any road trip, but this one is even more special.


Hood Milk Attraction Concession Sign

This roadside attraction is more of a concession stand than a sign but at 40 ft tall it’s definitely a photo-worthy stop (and a delicious one at that).


43841308052_dec6fd6935_bThis isn’t the most amazing sign but it’s quite the photo op. This quaint little stop in Delaware is a fun photo opp, recently restored in 2019, not only has it been painted but the spring has also recently been cleaned so clean water is available.


Giant Peach Gaffney WatertowerThis stop is just a water tower but it’s the world’s largest peach. The city, once a higher peach producer than Georgia, commissioned this sculpture to draw attention to that fact. At 135 feet tall, it’s joked to be the “emoji butt” in the sky or the “Moon over Gaffney.”


South of the Border - Pedro Sign
The welcoming sign in Southern Carolina has a name and its Pedro. With a Mexican theme, this rest area seems a bit out of place but if you’re into intentionally “campy” and bizarre atmospheres it’s worth checking out.


Hole n the rockThis “sign” is intentionally punctuated wrong as the owner who originally lived here created. Guided tours into this rock that was once a home (in the 1970’s) still exist, so not only can you see the it from the road but you can tour the old living quarters inside.


cabazon-dinosaurs-california-crazy-3These guys aren’t signs per say but they are a fun roadside attraction that aim to direct people to the area. Originally created to bring more traffic to the nearby restaurant Dinny and Mr. Rex are now a famous attraction that still brings tourists in nationwide.


gallery-1495727841-wall-drug-signsBack in the day, these signs made this small business the success it is today. The almost failed, but now famous “Wall Drug” paved their road to success with billboards along the highway that catered to those on long drives, emphasizing “Free Ice Water” or ” Hot Coffee 5 Cents”.  Popular among those on their way to Mount Rushmore, these signs and the what the shop has become today is a top must-see road trip destination.

And, finally if you’re as big of a sign geek as we are, here are 2 bonus road trip signage destination hot spots that live and breathe iconic signage.



Find tickets, hours and more about The Neon Museum here.


American Sign Museum

Find tickets, hours and more about The American Sign Museum here.


We found some of these destinations with a little help from the links below:
Also, we do not own any of the photos, they’re all courtesy of Google search.


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A Thoughtful Sign Can Go a Long Way During a Pandemic

Now more than ever, signs have brought us closer together.

To tell others we love them, we appreciate them, and that we’re here for them.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember we’re in this together. That our personal actions can affect others. Whether that means staying inside or sending a thoughtful message to someone.

So, let’s focus on bringing the world together.

A handwritten note, a parade of all your friends in cars saying hello, a banner, a custom gift box. All of it can make someone’s day or strengthen a relationship when it’s difficult to do so in person.

The same goes for businesses, hospital staff and all essential workers, a handwritten note, yard signs that show your support, messages on your car. All of it can help strengthen community, business and unity among neighbors, workers, friends and even family.

COVID Birthday Banner - Impression Signs & Graphics
Birthday Banner by Impression Signs & Graphics

Seen at Cerenity Senior Homes on Humboldt  (did not print)

Seen in West St. Paul  (did not print)

And, remember we’re all in this together. Let’s do the best we can to be kind to one another.

If there’s anything we can do to help you, your business or those you care about please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Impression Signs and Graphics | info@impressionsigns.com | 651- 328-6600






COVID-19 & Small Businesses: 14 Tips on what to do right now to help your business

covid19 sign

With all the temporary closures and distance measuring, COVID-19 is hitting small businesses hard. Luckily, with all this additional free time we now have the time to strengthen and adjust our business in ways we didn’t previously.

Now is a great time to learn what you and your business can take charge of in tough times. This is an ideal time to re-evaluate your procedures and build out additional marketing outreach approaches.

Many businesses right now are faced with the financial burden of how to stay in operation during such difficult times. If you can be flexible and focus your energy by gathering your team or mentors virtually you may find new ways to be sustainable along with new ways to adjust your marketing and business strategy to align with new demands of a world panicked and stretched thin by Coronavirus.

Who knew we’d all panic buy toilet paper?

One big thing to remember during this difficult time is that if you have an amazing product or service or a strong loyal base, they will still be there after this. And, eventually business and life as we know it will return to normal. The world will recover. But you and your business, once you’ve updated your business strategy, will now be smarter and more well-prepared for the future.

We’re tired of your crap COVID-19

Here are a few ways you can start thinking about how to better your business by adjusting your business plan and marketing outreach during this downtime:

  • Update your website & social media – Google rewards those who update their website regularly by upping their SEO ranks. Now may be a good time to update your clients of your plans or what you’re doing to help them or those affected or other neglected areas of your website or social channels. Now may even be a good time to try a new outlet you haven’t tried before since more people are at home and consuming content.
  • Reconsider your CRM – Is your current internal system working as hard as it could be or are there features you wish you had or processes you wish were easier? Maybe it’s time to further research other systems out there and take a few for a test run to make your internal system easier and more efficient. Here are 15 CRM’S to explore.
  • Email or call customers – Depending on your business it may make sense to reach out to your client base directly to update them on what your business is up to or how you plan to further assist them during this rough time or when you might reopen.
  • Reach out to ask for reviews – Clients may not be able to spend money with you right now, but they can help spread the word of your wonderful products or services to make it easier for you to get started with new clients in the future.
  • Create work from home protocol – If your business hasn’t navigated this much before, this is the best time to figure out what works for you and your business and try new systems. It’s also a great time to determine the best procedures for how and when employees can work from home.
  • Login to your Google Analytics – If you’re interested in further targeting your audience and learning more about them, now might be a good time to dig around and see what you can figure out about your current demographic to further build out your marketing plan.
  • Update your Google My Business page – There are a lot of cool new features they’ve added to take advantage of including a section to add specific types of images and post updates about your business.
  • Work on your email marketing – Now is a great time to remove old email addresses that bounce if your system doesn’t do that and further segment your audiences. If you never look at your email results/analytics, it might also be a good time to learn more about what your client’s click on and why.
  • Blog – The world needs your thought leadership. Contribute your ideas about your business vertical or topics relevant to the state of the world today. Can you help brainstorm ideas for others during this hardship or maybe even host an online event?
  • Discover a new online tool – Need help staying organized? Or just want a little inspiration? Check out 11 tools that might be helpful here.
  • Clean the office – Make room for new things and discard old outdated items or things you haven’t used in years. This might also be a good way to give your brain a rest from worry or stress.
  • Update and review your Google AdWords – Ads that are running might gain more attention if you added some that were timely and relevant to COVID (if it makes sense for your business).
  • Automation tools – There may be things you or your business does that could be automated to help save time. Here are a list of tools to review.
  • Brainstorm a list of marketing or sales tools or ideas – Are there other marketing components that might help you get your brand or message out to more people? Such as tradeshows, skyway ads, flyers, vehicle decals or new business cards?

Just remember there are things you can do to tackle the rough time. We hope you guys take advantage of this opportunity to help find new ways to strengthen your business along with ways to help take care of each other. Stay smart, stay connected and as always if you need us, we’re here for you. Feel free to reach out to us if you need anything. However, you prefer to contact us, we’re happy to talk.

Impression Signs and Graphics | info@impressionsigns.com | 651- 328-6600

Our Latest Big Project: Southdale Center’s Wayfinding Signage

Simon Property Group’s Southdale Center recently partnered with general contractor Cobeck Construction for a beautiful remodel.

Cobeck Construction, based in Minneapolis and St. Paul, helps design, remodel and build innovative solutions for commercial construction clients in various markets from medical to retail.

Luckily for us, we were able to partner with them to help fulfill Simon’s unique remodeling requests and mall signage.

From trimless channel letters to painted black backs on parking signs, their signage requests were a bit more unique but would also result in a more premium end look.

With both our and Cobeck Construction’s commitment to quality and communication this project was easy to execute and turned out beautifully.

Dimensional Letters - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsFlat Panel stairs elevator signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsFlat Panel signage low clearance signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsFlat Panel stairs elevator signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsReflective parking signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsFlat Panel stairs elevator signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsExterior dimensional letters signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsVinyl do not enter parking signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsReflective handicapped parking signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsADA stairs signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and Graphics2020-02-18 14.31.21custom painted black backs - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and GraphicsFlat Panel stairs elevator signage - Southdale Center - Edina MN - Cobeck - Impression Signs and Graphics

In total, Impression Signs and Graphics helped Simon Malls and Cobeck Construction with the following way-finding signage:

  • Aluminum pan signs
  • Parking signs + custom painted post hardware and backs + steel bollards
  • Dimensional acrylic
  • Illuminated channel letters
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Flat panel signage
  • Photopolymer ADA signs

If you have any questions about the signage discussed or are interested in getting something similar, please feel free to contact us directly or learn more about us at ImpressionSigns.com 

Impression Signs & Graphics just Expanded!

New Year, New us!

We’ve expanded! We’ve learned a few things in our 6th year of business and we’ve grown so much we’ve expanded next door!

We’re really excited to be in this stage of our business. We’ve knocked down the walls that were holding us in (literally). We’ve learned a few things while we’ve been around and we were ready to keep all the exciting growth going.

While our space isn’t quite finished (it needs a lot of decoration and final touches still) it’s still been such a wonderful inspiration for our whole team.

Here is just a taste of a few items we’ve been able to add with our expansion:

  • A waiting room for our clients
  • A meetings space outside of our production area
  • The technology to cast our computers and phones to the various tvs onsite within seconds for easier meetings and communication.
  • Really cool energy-efficient remote controlled lighting with various color tones to help you see what your sign will look like with your type of lighting.
  • Excitement within our team for the future
  • Open space for additional equipment and team members
  • More spaces to clean (darn it!)

2020-01-28 09.06.142020-01-28 09.07.072020-01-28 09.07.472020-01-28 09.08.302020-01-28 09.09.092020-01-28 09.10.00

Our growth opens up a lot of opportunity in lots of different areas and we’ve been extremely blessed to be able to do everything. All we have left to do is continue to make the space ours by further showcasing our capabilities and enhancing operations.

We can only hope our clients are as excited as we are. So feel free to stop by and come take a look or give us a call or email to come check it out.

Is Your Branding Effective Enough?

Why it might be time to reconsider your logo or create a new consistent branding strategy

Branding is important. Your success is built on being genuine and brand recognition. Preparing a strategy to show others your brand and what’s important to you can make a small business, not only successful but impactful.


 The basics of branding

Your brand is your word. Prepare your look but be yourself and your brand will slowly become a well-established, well-recognized business. The more consistent and established a brand becomes the more it promises its consumers amazing quality and amazing service. Your brand should be a combination of who you want to be and how your consumers already see you. Establish how else you want your brand to be seen then do what you need to, to become it – just make sure you’re consistent.

You may already have a logo by this point, but you will want to make sure your logo still suits you and represents your business the way you want it to. Whether you change things up or stick with your logo you’ll want to make sure you’re consistent and have a designated font and colors that align with your business. This will give you an overall cohesive look and feel to use for anything you print, send or say in public or online. This includes your website, social media, packaging, business cards, promotional materials, storefront signage, vehicle graphics, even the image of those that work for you should align with your brand values.

Your strategy should then help you determine how to handle it all, like when to do things and where. Consistently executing your strategy well can harness success and allow you to charge more since your brand will be recognized as a more premium brand. Even just branding yourself well can give you more legitimacy than a poorly branded competitor. The more a consumer understands about your business, the more your brand’s mission is communicated, represented, respected and desired.

Impression Signs and Graphics Mission Canvas - Oakdale, MN

A strange branding phenomena

Regardless of actual work or reviews a business might gain, consumers can also base their buying decision on an emotional feeling they get based on the look of your brand or website. Often, when someone is unsure of who to hire or buy from, (say for example, reviews are about the same for two competitors) consumers will attach emotional feeling to something they see or read and determine its value by how it makes them feel. Their decision to buy from you could be based off an image or sentence they read, which makes branding and strategy even more important.

Thinking through your brand and the strategy you want to execute will require a lot of hard work and dedication. You’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly uncovered:

  • Your business’s mission
  • How you plan to differentiate your business from others
  • What benefit you provide to your consumer
  • How your consumers see you already?
  • What else do you wish your consumers would see and how can you show them?

Getting started

Here are a few thought-starters and to-do’s to add to your list to help you stay effective with your branding:

  • Think about your logo and where it lives – What format is it in? –Do you have a version of it that is editable? Is it missing elements that could represent your brand better?
  • Does your logo scale well if you need a small version of it?
  • Create a template for all outgoing items and promotional items – This should exist to help create a cohesive standard for all outbound communication.
  • Come up with a tagline to use when you have extra space and your logo just isn’t enough
  • Compile a guide on how to use brand elements and what the voice of your business should sound like.
  • Order business cards, with your logo, colors (you can get an exact match with a pan-tone number), and branding elements on them and work your way up, making sure all those things are somehow incorporated on everything you decide to print in the future.

We hope we’ve been helpful in inspiring you or helping you get started with your branding. If you need more help getting started we also recommend reaching out for help from a graphic designer (we have a few on staff), a copywriter, and the SBA who can help you find a mentor to make sure your branding comes out the way you envision it. And, as always we’re always a call or email away too if you have further questions. You can reach out to us here.

7 Tips on Expanding Your Business and Opening a New Location

Want to turn your successful small business into a franchise? But not sure how to take things to the next level? We know opening a franchise can be a lot of hard work, we’ve seen it.  We’ve worked with a few small businesses who are in the middle of trying to make it happen or already have. But, if you’re prepared to take your business to the next level we have a few tips on getting started and some recommendations to keep in mind that will help.

  1. Brand identity is important – Make sure you create a strong brand identity, from one place to another, so buzz and excitement follow you wherever you are. Your brand is your personality, let it shine! Make sure your social media, advertising, in-store signage and even your logo not just match but convey the emotion and personality you want it to across platforms.

    Pizza Karma - Impression Signs and Graphics - Wall Mural - MN
    The 2nd wall mural we’ve done for Pizza Karma (this one is in Maple Grove, MN), yay!
  2. Be active in your new community – Whether you’re opening 1 or 20 locations, each franchise should feel like it’s the only location to your customers. It should continue to bring people together and make them happy — making it a business a community wants to support no matter how big the name gets. Each franchise should keep in touch with it’s neighbors and show them they care about the neighborhood.
  3. Be ready to teach – For operations to run smoothly you’ll want your managers to know what you know, and feel how you feel about the company. You’ll have to have passion to teach and pass along your knowledge to others. You may also have to be patient in finding the right staff to carry on the legend that is your brand. It may get a little difficult here as you grow, because you’ll be learning you have to do your job and keep things afloat which means being available to answer last-minute questions. We recommend taking some downtime and creating or finding tools to help you manage the process better as well as creating custom resources to keep employees energized and able to look up common FAQs if possible.
  4. Always be Simplifying – Make things easier on you and your employees by writing down what you do and constantly revising it, so it helps instruct others quickly and easily. The process should be simple enough where someone outside your organization understands what to do immediately after reading. If you can button down an easy-to-follow business model, that will allow franchises to operate independently while guiding them in the right direction, without needing to contact you constantly.
  5. Maintain consistency – For simplicity’s sake and a successful understanding of things, consistency is key. It’s important that certain things remain the same so things feels cohesive. If you’ve already developed an effective process make sure other franchises use it too. A smart business allows people to grow their natural talents and not have to struggle with distractions, like re-inventing a system that already works well that they just didn’t know existed. Communication, training and consistency are all important.
  6. Find/build a trusted network of partners – It’s always nice to have help when you need it most. Building a personal network of mentors and vendors will help support you while you take on this new challenge. There are many resources you can add to your arsenal of support but some of the best are usually mastermind groups, SBA, an accountant/tax professional, a good graphic designer, and of course a full-service print shop who knows your brand and style. Building relationships with these partners will help take the burden of you and help guide you through things when feeling stressed.

    Pizza Karma - Impression Signs and Graphics - MN
    All the cool signage we helped with for the first Pizza Karma location!
  7. Maintain an excellent customer service team – If things aren’t quite yet running perfectly or are a bit more difficult to manage than you’d thought, it’s important to remember the most important thing about business is keeping your customers happy. The rest you can figure out later. Hiring employees who care and go above and beyond can be the most important part to successfully franchising your business.

We hope these seven tips were helpful or inspiring in helping you get started or get through your first franchising expansion. If you’d like to get started and need any branding or networking advice, we’re happy to help. You can always reach out to us at info@impressionsigns.com