5 Types of Interior Signage that Help Build Culture & Community

Show your employees and customers they’re welcome, valued and in the right place with signage that represents your business, school or non-profit. Interior signage is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s creativity, values or service. Create warm, welcoming, fun and friendly signs with these 5 types of signage.


Brighten up any space, fuel motivation or create an excellent photo opportunity with a painted or vinyl wall mural. While painted murals can be amazing, printed wall murals allow big branding ideas to come to life and transform a large space in a matter of days, sometimes hours.

Pizza Karma - Impression Signs and Graphics - Wall Mural - MN
Agiliti - Impression Signs and Graphics - Wall Mural - MN
Eagan Wildcats School Doors - Impression Signs and Graphics - Vinyl Mural - MN

Dimensional Signage

Whether you’re adding dimensional letters or just a flat mounted sign, any sort of dimension can really elevate your space as well as create a unique and cohesive experience for viewers.

Chet's Shoes - Impression Signs and Graphics - Wall Mural - Dimensional Signage -  MN
Wall Vinyl - Dimensional Letters - Dimensional Signage - Impression Signs and Graphics - MN

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is a great option for something simple but straight to the point, such as motivational quotes or words. It is also easily applied, and depending on the location and type of vinyl selected, can also be easily removed.

St. Catherine's University - Impression Signs and Graphics - Vinyl Letters  Inspirational Wall Letters- MN
Chiropractor Signage  - Impression Signs and Graphics - Office Signage - Door Vinyl -  MN

Illuminated Letters

If you’re looking for something to stand out, sometimes signage that is well lit is not only an option for exteriors, but also for lobbies and other indoor spaces.

Tobie's Tavern - Impression Signs and Graphics - Interior Illuminated Signage - MN
Alula - Impression Signs and Graphics -Interior Illuminated Signage - MN

Wayfinding Signage

Make something traditionally boring, exciting. Add your own flair and personality to signs you already need by customizing your wayfinding signage to further amplify your brand or vibe.

Bulldog Lowertown - Impression Signs and Graphics -Bathroom Signage - Custom Wayfinding Signage - MN
Twins - Target Field - Impression Signs and Graphics - Custom Wayfinding Signage - Suite Signage - MN

The options are endless…

Pizza Karma - Impression Signs and Graphics -Custom Signage - MN

The message and vibe you want to convey for your business is much more important than the actual sign itself. So, whatever type of sign or budget you decide on, we’re here and happy to help you get started.

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The 4 Types of Monument Signs That Help Get You Seen

Showcase your entrance with seriously sleek, formal, educational, or directional monument signage. From brick and faux stone to foam and steel, there are a wide variety of options available for designing a custom monument sign that’s right for your school, church or business. Ultimately a well-designed monument sign stands boldly and almost appears as an extension of your building or business park design. Below are a few general types of monument signs to help you determine where to start and what to ask for.  

Electronic Displays – These signs are awesome for raising awareness. Digital displays can help bring brand awareness in addition to bringing attention to upcoming events, sales, directions, messages, and more.

Outdoor Directories – From campus maps, to wayfinding suite signage, monument signs can take shape in many different forms. Since outdoor directories can be made so many different ways, we find it best to show your sign shop or manufacture a photo of what you’re looking for first.

Multi-Tenant Directories – These monument signs are used primarily outside strip malls, industrial parks and office buildings to tell users they have located a suite. While often faces for these signs can be swapped out or replaced some management companies dictate font or logo usage to maintain a uniform appearance across properties.

Way-finding – Sometimes all you need is a big sign with your name on it to help guide people in or show them they’re in the right spot, and whether or not to turn left or right. While way-finding monuments can also bring brand awareness their main purpose is to get users where they’re trying to go.

No matter which type of monument is right for you we’re sure we can help get your dream signage rolling. Whether it’s figuring out the best materials or helping permit the sign with the city, we’re here and ready to help you get started. If you have any questions or are just curious about how much monument signs cost you can always reach us at :

It is also worth mentioning that while our installers are great at what they do (and aim to clean things up as best they can) the base of your sign may need a little TLC, sod, or landscaping after it is installed.

Spring into Business with our Top 5 Outdoor Signage Recommendations

Let’s get growing this spring!

After the coronavirus shut down many businesses and services last spring many communities are eager to turn the page. After a rough year we’re eager to help businesses branch out. Below, we’ve compiled our top 5 sign recommendations to help showcase your brand or message within your local community.

A raceway (or direct mount) of illuminated letters or logos for your building can help you be seen day or night.

Vinyl decals can help display your company’s information and full wraps can transform the color or complete look of your vehicle or brand.

1-color or full-color ready-to-apply vinyl graphics can help display new store hours, phone numbers or even photo-realistic graphics that help pique interest or push taste appeal.

Sidewalk or site signage can help you grab attention and display a quick message about your business or sale that can be swapped out at a moment’s notice.

Banners are a great short-term way to display wayfinding help or messaging about your business that can easily be hung anywhere.

We hope we helped you find a few ideas on getting started with sales or marketing for your business this spring. If you have questions or want more information about channel letters, vehicle graphics, vinyl lettering, banners or site signs, feel free to contact us at:

21 Modern Commercial Wayfinding Signs That Will Inspire You & The 5 Design Elements That Make Them Pop

Are you designing a new build or renovation?

Let us help spice up the space you’re working on with some of our favorite, inspirational way-finding signage picks from across the world.

From helping people find things, to maintaining brand aesthetics and fulfilling ADA requirements, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help inspire and get your creative juices flowing (thanks to all the amazing brands, design firms and sign shops featured below).

Join us as we showcase our favorite commercial signs and designs to help show you what elements help make a wayfinding sign both unique and eye-catching.


Color has a way of not only drawing your eye directly to it but helping support your message when done correctly.

From top left to right: Bok Building by Smith & Diction, Unknown Entrance Sign by Unknown, 3M Sign found on Magic Art World, Segreen Business Park found on Magic Art World


Shape is a great way to move someone’s eye from one thing to another while also keeping them engaged and alert.

From top left to right: Studio on Fire by Mahaffey Design, Unknown found on Magic Art World, Crate & Barrel by Entro-CVE Design, Unknown Airport Sign by Unknown


Dimension can bring your business to a whole new level. Different depths on one piece of signage often adds more of a premium feel to your brand, business and overall look.

From top left to right: Ascend Credit Union Monument Sign found on Magic Art World, Unknown Parking Sign found on Magic Art World, Jitimont Residence by K-pin Studio, StayAt Hotels by Sunny at Sea

Creatively Illuminated

Illuminating signage we don’t expect to be illuminated helps add an elevated or playfulness to it, depending on what colors, shapes and fonts are chosen. It can also help cut through the noise or clutter of the surrounding area to grab your attention before you see anything else.

From left to right: The Barbican Centre by Cartlidge Levene & City Life Shopping by Unknown


As with all the elements listed here, the most important element is creating something that is unexpected. We can not only get people’s attention with the unexpected we also wind up entertaining them. It’s not only possible to tell a story with your signage but to let your brand, business or space’s personality really shine with developing the right look for something that most places easily overlook, federally regulated signs or signage that is mostly meant just to guide people in the right direction. Thinking creatively and outside the box can sometimes even lead to more traffic, more sales and happier clients or employees. So, next time you’re in the market for signage push you or the team you’re working with to always be thinking, ” how can we take this to the next level?”

From top left to right: Signage by Black Flag Projects, The Style Outlet by Mayuscula, Stratford Centre Ground Graphics by Thomas Matthews, Wood Sign found on Magic Art World, Caution Banana found on Magic Art World, Unknown Color Lines Wayfinding Vinyl by Unknown

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from looking at these fun and exciting these projects. If you have questions or want more information about wayfinding signs, modern commercial building signage, or environmental design feel free to contact us at:

The Formula For Falling In Love… With a Brand

Find your loyal fans and build brand evangelists like Apple and Disney have.

We are definitely not experts on love (by any means) but we do know a thing or two about loyal customers. While we count our lucky stars everyday for them, we know it’s not all just dumb luck. We put in a lot of hard work into finding our perfect matches before we begin working on a project. Everything we do is purposeful. And the formula for setting up your brand and building a business people talk about not because they have to but because they want to isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

While we aren’t as big as Apple or Disney (yet), we know we’re doing something right when our clients return for a second or thirty-second project. And this Valentine’s day we’re here to share some of what we’ve learned (with a little help from RightNow Technologies and a commissioned survey from Harris Interactive) that helped make us successful.

Be a human

Skip the jargon, people want to buy from other people not a “business”. Be real, use a conversational tone whenever possible in your marketing and direct engagements. It makes people feel good to support others they enjoy talking to, learning from or those that bring value to their life. Millennials and Gen Y often support businesses because they support the people behind the business. A mission statement is often no longer enough to show others there’s a person behind that business.

Always be transparent

Many of today’s consumers likes those who are honest, those who apologize, those who allow themselves to be humbled. They’re no longer just impressed with confusing, fancy sounding jargon. They again, want to support people, not just a business. They want to feel confident they’re making a good decision and feel good knowing they’re supporting something that identifies with their views.

Don’t sell

A lot of people don’t want to be sold to, with so many online resources often they’ve already done some of their research before they even found you. With our online purchasing habits we’re no longer comfortable feeling pressured to buy something. If you push to hard you could easily lose a potential buyer. With so many responsibilities and possibilities to be distracted, often patience becomes the new name of the game. If you’re being authentic, you’re giving your audience value and you’re talking about the things you know consistently, you’ve already done most of the selling.

Be a leader

Show what you know, digitally and in person. Teach others things they either want to know or things that you make sound so incredibly interesting, they didn’t even know they wanted to know it. Every time you speak or publish something online is an opportunity to show you are a leader within the industry. It’s also an opportunity to connect to others, show them you’re a real person behind the business and sell to them without selling anything at all.

Create good content

Good content adds value to people’s lives and gives them another reason to fall in love with your brand. All content created should have a mission or help of represent who you are. Content should not just be posted to stay relevant but because you have something worth sharing that is relevant to your mission. Show others you’re worth investing a few minutes of their time with and give them content that makes them feel good. It’s also an excellent platform to display critical thinking and problem solving skills to your specific industry.

Invest in good talent

The right people can make all the difference, from the way they handle a bad day to how they handle someone else’s and how they uphold your company’s values. Spending on the right talent and investing in those you see potential in can make or break your business. Leaving an impression that reflects your specific set of values and service can be hard to grow. Company culture and flexibility can help foster the right environment for those you already feel share the right values to help your company harness it’s full potential. Those people are the ones who will help sell you and create the stories that others will want to talk about, and those people and stories are what will make people fall in love with your brand.

Source: RightNow Technologies

Make your product something you’d be proud or excited to buy

Is your end product or service something you’re proud of? Train your employees to recognize things that should not pass through a quality control check. If you outsource your product have someone inspect those items as well, to make sure they represent your brand well before they’re out in the world or on shelves. You want to make sure your products or services are something you’d buy or invest in. And, your immediate answer isn’t yes it might be tough to get others to fall in love with you.

Always stay flexible

Sometimes things won’t always go smoothly, whether it’s an internal issue, or a tough return. If there is any way your service or business can overdeliver, do your best to always keep that goal in mind, every time. Life happens and companies that recognize that, not only win in the end, they get talked about for going above and beyond. Staying positive in negative situations also help stave off bad reviews which consumers are more more apt to post about.

Source: RightNow Technologies

Make your audience happy

Give consumers content they can believe in and sales or service transactions that go the extra mile. In today’s day and age, customer service experiences are being overlooked. While marketing and content is important don’t forget about the actual sale or service. There are a lot of potential touchpoints and moments to make a big impact with your consumers. Make sure your employees are always thinking about how they can go the extra mile to make someone smile. Sometimes one tiny gesture can make all the difference in building a successful brand. You never know, just who might see it.

Source: RightNow Technologies

Take time to look at your analytics

Building out insights, getting a view of the bigger picture and understanding who your audience is and how they interact with your website or content can help you tailor your messaging and possibly help predict their future needs. Take the time to try understand your analytics or hire someone to help you analyze them. This is a major item many small businesses neglect but one of the most valuable tools you have in anticipating consumers needs and tailoring online efforts for specific behaviors.

Source: RightNow Technologies

Just be yourself

If you love what you do its easy to be genuine. Being genuine with your audience and sharing the love you have for your business helps other people love it do. So do what you do best, show love for your business wherever you can, hire those that align with your mission and continue to deliver amazing service. If you’re leaving the world better than you found it with every business interaction or transaction you make it will be hard for others not to fall in love with your brand.

And, if you do get dumped…

If someone does wind up falling out of love with your brand, as with any relationship, it’s important to communicate. Make sure your business does it’s best to address any issues or shortcoming that may have been neglected. It is possible to recover consumer relations and even turn an upset consumer into a loyal brand follower. It also just depends on how your business handles the situation.

Source: RightNow Technologies

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How to Make Your Vehicle Graphics Last Longer

You just walked out of the shop with your new branded ride. You’re feeling fly, getting your max ROI. But, how can you make sure you get the most out of your investment?

To help you protect your latest business investment, we’ve put together a list of the easiest ways to help preserve and extend the life of your vehicle graphics.

Let’s start with the basics

Here are 5 aftercare tips aimed at helping you extend the life of your new mobile marketing machine.

  1. Hand wash your wrapped vehicle – Once a week if possible. If hand washing isn’t possible or practical for you, the next best option is an automated brushless carwash.

  2. Avoid waxes and harsh chemicals – Keep oil, gas, chemicals, wax and anything abrasive off your vehicle to help extend the life of your graphics.

  3. Consider your environment – If you have the option, try to park inside a garage or in the shade whenever possible. Avoiding direct UV light and extreme cold is always helpful when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the ink and material on your vehicle.

  4. Don’t let bug guts and bird poop sit very long – If the animal kingdom decided your vehicle was its target, take care of it sooner rather than later. A quick wipe up, pre-wash is recommended as items can be harder to remove the longer they sit.

  5. Avoid pressure washes – If you’re looking to preserve the longevity of your vehicle graphics, it’s also wise to avoid any pressure washing.

If you have further questions or want more information regarding vehicle graphics, your specific make/model, design or aftercare feel free to contact us at:

5 Easy Ways to Know if Updating Your Signage Will Help Boost Sales

While there are various ways to increase sales and activity within your business, sometimes one of the easiest ways is by way of something you see everyday, your signage. We’ll help you find out if updating your signage will help make a difference when it comes to sales, with 5 easy questions.

  1. Is it older than 8 years?
    When you look at something too often, it begins to lose its appeal and ultimately its effectiveness.

  2. Does it have signs of natural wear and tear?
    If your signage has sun damage, is missing any pieces, is bent, dented or simply looks overall worn out from the elements your sign can make your business appear less desirable and less appealing.
TNT Signage before (sun faded and kerning/spacing issues) and after. Updated by Impression Signs.

3. Is your sign so old it looks retro even though it’s not?
If your sign is so old it’s cool again you might be tempted to just leave it, but old signs need love and maintenance too. If your sign looks out-of-date, it might be time to breathe new life into it and go for a more modern look or something that best represents your brand–the way you want to be seen and with the kind of aesthetic the customers you want to attract more of, would like.

4. Is it actually the right size?
If your building or space has changed, is your sign still in the right place? Does it feel too big or too small? The most important question to ask is if it’s actually doing what you want it to do or is it limited by size or location? Can those who need to see it actually see it from the distance they’ll be away from it?

Our color, letter and size chart for signs

5. Do you think it currently helps drive the traffic you want to you?
If your sign doesn’t communicate who your business is, or who it is now, then getting a new sign is a no-brainer. As we start to learn new things, find our niche and focus on one message or mission more directly sometimes our business changes. It’s okay to change your look, logo, or sign if your business has changed, that’s a part of growth. It’s also good to do to keep your business looking current, relevant and reputable (plus, it never hurts to freshen things up a bit).

A name, brand and signage update for Total Pet Wellness. New sign by Impression Signs.

What did you answer?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, we recommend investing in new signage. We’ve helped many businesses, both large and small affect change within their company just by updating or adding signage. From wall murals to wayfinding signage to LED channel letters that show off your latest logo, we’re proud to say we’ve helped a lot of people feel inspired by their space, boost morale, build confidence and increase revenue within their business, just from a sign or signage project. And, we’re confident, whether you chose us or someone else to work with, a fresh update to your space, logo or business will not only help boost sales but will help bring a fresh outlook to you, your business and everyone who sees it.

Want to contact us? Find an answer here:

Meet Brooke: Our New Creative Specialist

Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Impression Signs team: Brooke Ewert.

Brooke comes to us from Atomic Props, an out of home and experiential advertising marketing firm. With her can-do attitude she’s taken on many roles at her previous job and now she does the same for us at Impression Signs and Graphics. From production to design, she’s an excellent supportive resource to have on staff and we’re lucky to have her.

Get to know more about Brooke:

3 things about her:

She graduated from Carthage College with a double major in Graphic Design & Communications and a minor in Biology.

She’s good at focusing on the fine details of a project while not losing sight of the big picture.

She can hold her breath for 3 mins and 40 seconds. (Wow!)

What she likes to do outside of work:

Travel, (most of her destinations involve either the beach or the mountains), spend time outside with her two adorable French bulldogs, cook and design custom wedding stationery.

Her favorite thing about signage:

She loves that signage helps create exceptional customer experiences and a great first and lasting impression. She also loves that signage inspires confidence within businesses. “When you present your business professionally, you are going to feel more confident about the products/services your business provides.”

Feel free to check out more about us or Brooke at: http://www.impressionsigns.com
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Helix Apartment Home’s New Wayfinding Signage: Compliant, Modern & Attractive

Impression Signs and Graphics recently had the opportunity to work with and provide Pinnacle Living and Helix Apartment Homes with new grounds signage.

Pinnacle Living is a property management firm that helps manage everything needed to ensure a superior living experience. From excellent customer service to managing construction, subcontractors and rules within each city and state, property management can often be quite the challenge. Ensuring you have a great team in place to fulfill tenants and owner regulations is step one to creating a wonderful place to live. Step two? Finding other teams of contractors that not only listen to your design needs but also your contractual obligations.

Pinnacle Living recently remodeled apartment homes in St. Louis Park and wanted the signage to not only match the personality of the property but also be compliant within the current regulations for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

So what did that mean?

That meant we needed modern signage that felt like it was comfortable yet sophisticated. Signage that not only helped tenants and potential tenants find things but met ADA requirements and met the contemporary aesthetic.

Check and check.

The bigger issue we ran into was that the prior owner of the building or original signage company never pulled a permit for the old signage. While it was a bit of a hiccup when it came to placement of signage in certain areas, it was manageable and we were able to design, fabricate and install all the signage needed for the premise.

The before and after monument sign for Helix Apartments

Helix’s new and updated signage project included:

  • ADA signs for the restroom, floor, garage and elevators
  • A monument sign for the Entrance
  • Post and Panel signs for the leasing, permit parking and handicapped parking signs
  • Interior wayfinding signs for the lobby, lounges, apartments and fitness center
  • Exterior wayfinding signs for parking, leasing office and main entrance
  • Banners for “now renting” information

We think Helix Apartment’s signage turned out beautifully and we’re happy we were able to help our client find the right look and right solution for their property’s personality.

We also think they did a great job with the remodel overall and turning the building and area into a community people are proud to call home. See more photos of the building and amenities below.

Our Top Road Trip Signage Destinations

2020 is officially the year of the road trip, so kick your summer blues, pack up the snacks and buckle up for our list of handpicked roadside signage destinations.

Plan out your classic Americana road trip with all the quirky or classic roadside signage attractions you can handle with a little help from our list below.


Experience a classic cruise with an all-american view of history. Spanning over 8 states and 3 time zones you’re sure to find a few new favorite spots along your cruise.


grayscale-public-market-center-signage-1494032This well-known sign has a place in the heart of many Seattle’s Farmer’s Market lovers. As one of the United State’s oldest farmers’s markets it’s worth a drive to not just see the sign but the market itself.


attraction-building-city-hotel-415999This sign is one of the most iconic state welcoming signs in the United States. Just one mile south of Mandalay Bay, the line for photos with the sign can sometimes last over an hour. The sign has become so popular it has had two replicas made and placed through Las Vegas.


Original Dairy Queen Sign
The only Dairy Queen in the country that still has the original branding with the Eskimo girl on it. DQ is a must have on any road trip, but this one is even more special.


Hood Milk Attraction Concession Sign

This roadside attraction is more of a concession stand than a sign but at 40 ft tall it’s definitely a photo-worthy stop (and a delicious one at that).


43841308052_dec6fd6935_bThis isn’t the most amazing sign but it’s quite the photo op. This quaint little stop in Delaware is a fun photo opp, recently restored in 2019, not only has it been painted but the spring has also recently been cleaned so clean water is available.


Giant Peach Gaffney WatertowerThis stop is just a water tower but it’s the world’s largest peach. The city, once a higher peach producer than Georgia, commissioned this sculpture to draw attention to that fact. At 135 feet tall, it’s joked to be the “emoji butt” in the sky or the “Moon over Gaffney.”


South of the Border - Pedro Sign
The welcoming sign in Southern Carolina has a name and its Pedro. With a Mexican theme, this rest area seems a bit out of place but if you’re into intentionally “campy” and bizarre atmospheres it’s worth checking out.


Hole n the rockThis “sign” is intentionally punctuated wrong as the owner who originally lived here created. Guided tours into this rock that was once a home (in the 1970’s) still exist, so not only can you see the it from the road but you can tour the old living quarters inside.


cabazon-dinosaurs-california-crazy-3These guys aren’t signs per say but they are a fun roadside attraction that aim to direct people to the area. Originally created to bring more traffic to the nearby restaurant Dinny and Mr. Rex are now a famous attraction that still brings tourists in nationwide.


gallery-1495727841-wall-drug-signsBack in the day, these signs made this small business the success it is today. The almost failed, but now famous “Wall Drug” paved their road to success with billboards along the highway that catered to those on long drives, emphasizing “Free Ice Water” or ” Hot Coffee 5 Cents”.  Popular among those on their way to Mount Rushmore, these signs and the what the shop has become today is a top must-see road trip destination.

And, finally if you’re as big of a sign geek as we are, here are 2 bonus road trip signage destination hot spots that live and breathe iconic signage.



Find tickets, hours and more about The Neon Museum here.


American Sign Museum

Find tickets, hours and more about The American Sign Museum here.


We found some of these destinations with a little help from the links below:
Also, we do not own any of the photos, they’re all courtesy of Google search.


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